Our recent Best of Army Special Operations episode got a tremendous response, and because of that, I got a lot of you asking for a Best of Navy SEALs episode. Well here it is! In the history of this show we’ve had Navy SEALs of many different eras join us and tell us their story, so here are just a few favorites of mine from the past couple of years. Compiled for Episode 393 we have Brent Gleeson, Jack Carr, and Ryan Zinke making in studio appearances. Ryan Zinke’s interview was especially cool because he was out with his co-author Scott McEwen promoting his memoir “American Commander.” Just a couple of months following that book tour, Zinke became U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Also on this episode is a short clip of Frumentarius giving his take on the difficulty of BUDS VS the difficulty of actually serving as a SEAL. A lot of different perspectives on this one from several guys who wore the Trident.