We’re joined this episode by Joseph LaFave. Joseph is a journalist for TheNewsrep.com with a focus on how conflict impacts the global marketplace. Joseph has a background as an EMT in Florida and also worked as an engineer for Lockheed Martin. On this episode we hit on several different topics LaFave’s writing on which led to some interesting discussion.

He has an upcoming multi-piece series in the works regarding a National Guard unit training for JRTC, the Army’s premier combat training center. It’s an interesting topic because I often get emails sent to [email protected] regarding National Guard, and it’s admittedly not something we focus on heavily. So it’s great to get up to date on some of this awesome work. We then talk about some of Joseph’s recent pieces including “Ebola continues to spread, threatens economies of the DRC and Uganda,” and “Why are oil prices up? Several factors.” The latter piece heavily focusing on how Iran sanctions have made a noticeable impact. Glad to be back on Youtube this episode for your viewing pleasure as well! Along with the new website SOFREPRadio.com, we are also now on Spotify, and have an app that will be out in the coming days. Follow Joseph on Twitter @LafaveJoseph, and look out for more great work from him on Newsrep.