When legendary thriller author Vince Flynn passed away in 2013, Kyle Mills was hand-chosen with the nearly impossible task of carrying on the Mitch Rapp series. Not only did Mills deliver with his first book in the series “The Survivor,” but three years later and with three additional Rapp books under his belt, Mills has put out another #1 New York Times best-seller with ‘Red War.” Prior to carrying on where Flynn left off, Mills wrote some excellent novels, and with his father’s background as an FBI Agent, it’s no surprise that Mills continues coming up with scenarios for his counter-terrorism operative protagonist.

In this interview you’ll hear Mills discuss the writing process along with what inspires him. “Red War” is heavily influenced by our current situation with Russia. The fictional Russian President in the book (heavily based around Vladimir Putin) is dying but grasping to power. The U.S. uses Mitch Rapp’s expertise to exploit the situation in their favor. We hope that you pick it up, and be sure to visit Kyle online at KyleMills.com. You can also follow Kyle @KyleMillsAuthor.