What happens when you bring together long time friends and veterans of the Special Forces community, Dale Comstock and Jim West, to share some mind blowing fighting stories? Well, let me just say that Episode 400 does not disappoint. Jim West trained Dale in American Extension Fighting, and not only does Dale have a great respect for Jim’s craft, he fesses up to having some fear of the guy early on. Can you blame him? Some of you may have seen an excerpt being circulated on Youtube from a much longer DVD of “Smokey” training Comstock in some lethal techniques. The guys bring you back in time to that era, and some of the real life brawls that inspired these deadly skills. These men are the real deal, and you’ll hear why if you don’t already know.

It has truly been an honor working on this show on behalf of everyone involved for 400 episodes. It is incredible to us that we get to do this, and we owe it all to you, the listeners. We reflect on the past five years and what this show means to us. We also answer your emails sent to [email protected]. Have a Happy Halloween, and here’s to 400 more!