If you read Brandon Webb’s book “Mastering Fear,” you may recall an awesome story from Ramones bass player and Marine, CJ Ramone. This is the interview that inspired that story. CJ joined us back on Episode 273, and we split that interview into two. The first half for SOFREP, second half for Brandon Webb’s Power of Thought Podcast. So for the first time, here’s that great interview in it’s entirety.

CJ was fresh off of a tour with The Aquabats as we recorded this and was ramping up to go off to the UK for another tour. The guys talk their mutual love of travel and some of the great sites they’ve seen around the world. CJ’s music is what allows him to travel so much, and he has a true appreciation for it. You’ll hear about the trial by fire when he was asked to replace the legendary Dee Dee Ramone for rambunctious crowds not exactly thrilled to see a new member of The Ramones. His biggest fear? Running out of time, and you’ll hear why. He also just released a vinyl pressing of his “Christmas Lullabye,” which I must say would make a pretty kick ass gift for the punk rocker in your life! Be sure to pick it up.