Jared Van Driessche is the co-author of “Public Figures, Private Lives,” and as the CEO of Asgard Technology Group, he’s been involved in protecting a long list of high net worth individuals in nearly every continent. These range from the most recognizable musicians and actors, to billionaire entrepreneurs that keep as low of a profile as possible. What’s the job like? If you want to know, this is an interview you do not want to miss. From anxiety inducing situations to funny stories, we cover it all with Jared right here.

Beyond that, we react to the resignation of beloved General and now former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis. We get into a discussion on the future of industry in America, and also read an email that I absolutely loved sent to [email protected]. Last, I’d like to make you aware of the latest at Newsrep, and that is our new Financial Report. We hope that you join us to get a better understanding of where to invest your money in an uncertain economy from our team of experts. With that, we hope you’ve enjoyed over a hundred shows from us this past year, and have a fantastic New Years eve celebration! We’ll see you folks in 2019.