Paul de Gelder was a Navy Clearance Diver and Army Paratrooper, but his life would change forever in 2009 when he lost his right leg and much of his right arm in a brutal shark attack during an equipment test with the Navy. Paul speaks with us for over an hour recalling his rough and troubling upbringing that led him to the military, and detailing the event that nearly ended his life. Paul has since become a motivational speaker, actor, and you likely have seen his work as well on Shark Week where he continues to put his life on the line diving for some incredible footage we see each year. He also documents his story in the memoir “No Time for Fear: How a Shark Survivor Beat the Odds.” Be sure to follow him @PauldeGelder on Instagram and Twitter as well. What an amazing and inspirational story!

Beyond that we react to the swearing in of new members of Congress, as well as the arraignment of former SEAL and 19-year Navy vet Edward Gallagher for war crimes. Have any questions? Shoot them over to [email protected], and if you want them possibly read on the show, keep them concise.