Peter Guidry is a former Security Forces Air Force Airman, the co-founder of Las Vegas veterans group Forgotten Not Gone, and he uses kratom to treat his pain. He’s advocating that others do as well. I learned about Peter from the Chris Bell documentary “A Leaf of Faith” and I found his experience to be interesting. If kratom is a possible answer in getting veterans away from opiates, than I feel it is a topic that should be further explored. We get into Peter’s poor experiences with the VA, their reported over-prescribing of medications, and his own horrible experience with said medications throwing up blood due to prior conditions, and laying in bed depressed for days on end. He feels that kratom saved his life, and he tells us why. You can check out what his group does as

Jack Murphy also reacts to Republican infighting over non-interventionist foreign policy VS hawkish foreign policy between Senator Rand Paul and recently sworn in Congressman Dan Crenshaw. We’re also still running a contest to hook you up with an exclusive tumbler from our awesome sponsor, Pelican Coolers. Check out the show for further details on that. Dig in!