Michael Broderick is a United States Marine Corps veteran serving from 1986 to 1990 as a logistics/embarkation specialist with Marine Light/Attack Helicopter Squadron 167. Broderick’s true passion however, has always been acting, and he’s very excited to have landed his biggest role to date as Special Agent John Bowen on the third season of HBO hit series “True Detective.” Not only do we get into Michael’s history growing up in New Jersey, joining the Corps, and becoming an actor, but we also get into his passion giving back with veterans organizations like GallantFew, and being the father of a special needs child soon entering young adulthood. Although Michael’s on the West Coast, we luckily were able to get him from a studio over there, so you’ll hear a crystal clear connection like he’s in the room with us. …Pretty cool!

As usual with SOFREP Radio, we also get into some interesting territory outside of our featured interview discussing various vivid dream stories, and also get into some great emails from you guys, the listeners, sent to [email protected]. Be sure to check out True Detective on HBO which airs Sundays at 9 PM EST. People are raving about this season, and we hope to have Michael back on soon! As always, also be sure to check out PelicanCoolers.com and score a free 22 oz tumbler with your order when you add it to your cart from the drinkware section and use the promo code “SOFREP.”