Doug Kechijian is the CEO of Resilient Performance Systems, a small business based out of New York that prides itself on helping others to achieve their physical goals through it’s focus on sports medicine, performance training, education, and consulting. Prior to receiving his education in physical therapy and co-founding the company, Doug served as a Air Force PJ providing troops with technical rescue capability and emergency medical care while deployed. It’s often said that we don’t have many Air Force Pararescue guys on the show, so much of the 2+ hours of this episode is devoted to hearing from Doug about what guys from his military background do exactly. Growing up in Manhasset, NY, Doug was also a personal friend of James Regan. As many of you know, Regan was a revered Army Ranger killed in action while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. You’ll get to hear about their adolescence together and exactly what type of a guy that Sgt. James Regan was. He is dearly missed over a decade later. We also get into the physical fitness end of things including Doug’s philosophy on PT and overall health.

Also on this episode is Loadout Room writer Rex Nanorum. Rex gives us a recap of SHOT Show 2019, what was new, and some of the badass gear now on his wish list. He also recaps Crate Club‘s exclusive Oasis for Villains party that took place there. We get some laughs as well hearing the hilarious story behind why Rex doesn’t use his real name when writing. Crank it up and enjoy!