We begin this show with a dedication to a previous guest many of you may remember, a Navy SEAL Master Chief by the name of Ron Bellan. You may know him from his show Survive the Hunt, his company Reaper Outdoors, as well as his appearances on this podcast during episodes 126 and 139. Unfortunately, the massive warrior who sported an eye patch left us this week at 49 from a heart attack. Ron spent over half his life in the military, and we salute his life and service.

Our featured guest is a good one. Marc Yablonka has written a great deal about the Vietnam war and is certainly a historian on the subject. His latest piece of work is the book “Vietnam Bao Chi: Warriors of Word and Film,” and as you’ll hear Marc discuss, the book is a first of it’s kind in it’s own right. Much has been written and filmed regarding the Vietnam war, including the stories from journalists who were there and covered it. This book differs however, because it details the accounts of those that actually served for the military as war correspondents both as writers and photographers. Each chapter is an account from a different individual that was there at the time. One of them being a previous guest, Jim Morris. You can see all of Marc’s great work online at his site, WarStoriesPress.com. Pick up the book!

Also on this episode we dig into the latest happenings regarding a previous plea deal with convicted pedophile and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. We discuss the large and tangled web of this perverse character and his ties to The Clinton’s as well as President Donald Trump. It’s a messy story to put it mildly.