We cover quite a lot of material on this episode of SOFREP Radio. To start off the show, our friend Fred Galvin is back on with us, this time with some more unfortunate news due to the recent death of Congressman Walter Jones. For those who don’t know, Jones was instrumental in helping Fred and his men that were a part of MARSOC 7 become vindicated. As you’ll hear Marine Corps Major Galvin say, Jones personally vowed to him in what was expected to be his final term in office, that he would fight to clear their names. He kept his promise.

From there, friend of the show and former Air Force PJ, BK joins us. Many of you know BK from his writings, his podcast, and of course, his hammering of social justice warriors and #WokeVets via Twitter. Well, after several suspensions, BK has now been tossed off the platform and is forced to Tweet under a new account (which you can follow @BKActualPodcast.) We have a funny yet thought provoking discussion about the de-platforming of figures on social media and whether or not it tends to be politically driven. As usual, BK’s appearances are not for the easily offended.

Last we end on an urgent note. Another friend of the show, Rob Trivino, is in need of your help. The former Special Missions Unit operator recently suffered a life altering condition that is sure to cost his family a great sum of expenses. A GoFundMe has been set up by those verified to be close with Rob, and he needs your help in reaching their goal. In great news, as of now, over $60K has been raised for the former operator, so let’s get this audience engaged and put them over the finish line. Rob fought for us, let’s fight for him.