SOFREP Radio has always had a heavy listenership from the law enforcement community, and that’s why the book “Captain Black: True Stories of a Small Town Cop” peaked Jack’s interest when he came across the book online. Captain Edward Black served for over twenty years in the small town of Kaufman, Texas and is since retired; he doesn’t really have a presence on social media. Luckily we were able to track him down, and have him join us for this installment. Although we hit on some timely issues in the law enforcement community including body cams, anti-police sentiment, and how to deal with mentally ill individuals, don’t get it twisted…the book is actually quite hilarious. Black’s writing style is raw, honest, unfiltered, and you’ll erupt in laughter at some of the crazy stories he relays from his time on the force. We urge you to pick up the book, available now at

As we’ve been teasing out, next week we will be doing a Q&A episode, which we’ll be recording on March 14th. So, get your questions in before than. Keep them concise, to the point, and stuff we can really dive into for the show. I appreciate the guest suggestions, but those aren’t what we’re looking for on this particular episode. Shoot your best question for us over to [email protected], if it’s good, we’ll get into it.