Jake Zweig is a favorite of the podcast, although it’s actually been a few years since we’ve had the former SEAL and star from “Dude, You’re Screwed” and “Top Shot” join us. Jake recently reached out to me about a single mother struggling in her current financial situation, as he set up a GoFundMe for the woman he recently met. The initial goal is to help this hard working mom get a car which would be of great help to her, and he speaks with us about where he sees her going from there. Any help would be appreciated from the SOFREP Radio audience. Many of you are probably wondering what Jake’s been up to since his reality show success, as he’s currently working at the University of Illinois on player development for their football team. Football has been Jake’s passion for years and he has a great deal of experience. You may also remember Jake introducing us to NASCAR driver Jesse Iwuji, and we get an update on what the Navy Officer has been up to.

Things really get interesting this episode once we get into Jake’s take on the Chief Eddie Gallagher war crimes situation. We end up having a larger discussion about crime and risky behavior in special operations, and the often times illogical behavior of a person who decides to go into this line of work. Jake tells us some crazy stories including an account from his adolescence involving the kidnapping of a banker’s 10-year-old daughter at the house next door to him. I was able to dig up a 1985 article from The New York Times that matches what Jake describes. All that and much more on Episode 437. Crank it!