By now, most of you are familiar with our featured guest this episode, Kristin Beck. The retired SEAL formerly known as Chris Beck made headlines with the CNN documentary “Lady Valor,” but it has now been five years since the film first aired, and Kristin has since become involved in various projects. The biggest of which is becoming the National Advocacy Officer for The Military Order of the Purple Heart. Through this position Kristin has advocated for improved treatment for veterans with traumatic brain injury, as well as post traumatic stress related difficulties. We also dive deep into Kristin’s history in the SEALs covering past deployments, as well as work in computer programming. We discuss the future of females in spec ops, as well as recent controversies in the SEALs, namely the war crime accusations against Chief Eddie Gallagher. This is the first time we’ve had Kristin in studio, and I was curious as to the reason behind the trip to New York City. Well, believe it or not, it involves a new exploration into the fashion world. As you’ll hear, there is also a future movie in the works. So, Kristin is keeping busy, and I think you’ll learn quite a lot during this interview. Be sure to follow Kristin on Instagram & Twitter @Valor4US.