Can you believe that there are still 82,000 Americans that remain missing in action? This was the catalyst for Richard Jellerson’s latest work “A Solemn Promise: America’s Missing in Action.” Jellerson has written and directed quite a few films that can be seen at StoryTellerFilms.TV including “The Personal Experience: Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam” for The History Channel. Prior to his film career however, Jellerson served with the 116th Assault Helicopter Company as a helicopter pilot during his first tour in Vietnam. His second tour, he was the personal pilot to General Abrams. Much of this is detailed in his book “The Healing: Pan Am Flight 001.” The book’s focus however is on the journey Jellerson took before coming home in healing from the scars of warfare, by going aboard a flight that went around the world, visiting various countries and meeting all sorts of interesting people. We learned about Richard from recent guest Marc Yablonka, and we hope you enjoy this discussion and check out both his book and latest film.