Joining us for the first time on SOFREP Radio is 13-year Marine Corps veteran with Force Reconnaissance, Jose “Pep” Tablada. Calling Jose’s background impressive would be a massive understatement, serving both as a team leader and platoon sergeant with qualifications including graduating as a combatant diver, scout sniper, SERE-C, HALO, and more. It’s not often we have someone of Tablada’s background on the show, so we dive deep into what Marine Force Recon is all about, and you’re guaranteed to learn some new stuff.

Currently, Jose is the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations & International Engagement with Marine Corps Forces Pacific, and he volunteers his time on the board of directors for the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation. You’ll learn a lot about the great work that the foundation is doing for their brothers in arms, including a retreat in Hawaii for Gold Star families taking place next month. Be sure to check them out and donate at