With nearly three decades of service in Army Special Forces, also serving as a Special Agent in the DEA, authoring several novels, and inventing tools now widely used by the military like the R.A.T.S. Tourniquet, Jeff Kirkham’s background is both versatile and impressive. He joins us this episode getting into stories that include his tourniquet innovation saving lives, how he and his partner behind Readyman Jason Ross decided to start writing military thrillers, and his ongoing heated debate in the gun community of the AR VS AK platform. Be sure to check out his latest book “The Last Air Force One,” and follow Jeff on Instagram @Praetorian_Innovations.

Also on this episode we get into the recent public deposition of Alex Jones, currently being sued by the families of Sandy Hook victims for concocting conspiracy theories on the mass shooting of their children. They claim this rhetoric incited harassment from both members of his staff and his audience. Where is the line on free speech and language that incites harassment and potential violence against private citizens? Is this Alex Jones finally paying the price for years of spreading false information? We get into it on Episode 446 of SOFREP Radio.