We’ve all been waiting for it, “Messages From Beyond” by James “Smokey” West is finally here, and joining him in studio to talk about it is his co-author, Charlene da Silva. As you’ll hear Jim discuss, this will be the first in a series of books, and this one begins at a time detailing the legendary Green Beret‘s brush with death in the late 1970’s after a car accident. As Jim says to me, there were no bright lights for him. Some of the work that Jack Murphy started in helping to write Jim’s memoir appears in here, but much of that will also be told in a later book. The natural question I wondered when meeting Charlene, is how does a young woman with no military background get into the mind of a seasoned warrior and fighter like Jim to tell a story from his perspective? We get her insight on that, and you’ll hear why Jim holds her work in such a high regard.

Messages From Beyond” is out now on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback, and we hope that you pick it up. We also encourage you to visit Charlene’s website at CharlenedaSilva.com. Always a great time with Jim in studio, and I’m glad he introduced me and our audience to the writer he chose to help tell his story.