Joining us this episode are previous guests of the show Doug Kechijian & CJ Woodruff. To refresh you on both of these guys, Doug is a retired Air Force PJ, physical therapist, and current CEO of Resilient Performance Systems, and CJ is a retired Marine, personal trainer, and social media personality. I decided to pair them up for a discussion because fitness is not only a huge part of military readiness, but there’s also just a major demographic of listeners with a love for this subject matter. As you’ll hear, although physical therapy and personal training are two separate routes in this field, these guys see eye to eye on quite a lot. We cover supplementation, government regulation and insurance issues in their respective professions, and what they feel qualifies for military effectiveness. We also cover my own article for The Loadout Room that went up last week titled, “E.A.R.N. – A simple but effective way of mastering your fitness regimen,” and you’ll hear why CJ and I share a great deal of respect for three-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane.

One of our listeners Sean also made me aware of an original Women’s Army Corps officer and World War II veteran Sara Parsons celebrating her 100th birthday that wants nothing more than cards from all of you out there. So check out that article from Wausau, Wisconsin’s ABC affiliate on where to send them. Be sure to visit Resilient Performance Training online at, which links to all of their social media and podcast, and follow CJ on Instagram @CJWoodruffOfficial.