We start off this show with a pretty big announcement some of you may have heard earlier in the week from myself (Ian Scotto,) that I have decided to move on from the podcast and work on some future endeavors. I greatly appreciate the positive feedback from any of you who reached out, and have loved both doing this podcast and getting to know such a top notch audience. I still have a whole month of great shows planned with some big name guests before I make the transition, but feel free to keep up with me, I will continue to interact with this audience as always.

With that, our guest this show is writer Alex Hollings, who many of you are familiar with. We discuss his article on a downed Japanese F-35 aircraft still missing, as well the recent comments by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praising the VA by stating, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With unacceptable numbers of veteran suicides, some even killing themselves in front of VA hospitals, it’s understandable why many in the veteran community find these comments appalling. We also answer your emails, including a question on Syria, and I rant for a few about “fake news.”

Jack Murphy’s memoir “Murphy’s Law” hit shelves this week, pick it up. It’s available on Audible as well, and is read cover to cover by Jack himself. You can also check out Jack’s most recent interview with Andrew Wilkow promoting the book if you’re a Sirius XM subscriber and want to listen back On Demand.