Greg Walker, an investigative journalist on the, author, and former member of several Special Forces Groups joins Jack for a breakdown of former Green Beret turned Sandinista David Baez along with an in depth conversation regarding mental health in the military.  Walker gives a complete breakdown of the fascinating story how a Nicaraguan turned American citizen ended up as a Sandinista.  Following the insightful discussion of Baez, Jack and Greg delve into the issues behind veteran suicides.  They talk about the importance of mental health, what steps could be taken to help a soldier in need, why they feel resources are lacking to help veterans and provide some advice to anyone with suicidal thoughts.


Before Greg joined the show, Jack shared his intrigued with David Baez and discussed a great piece written by Robert Fisk on the Douma ‘gas’ attacks.   Dennis asks Jack to share a few thoughts on Memorial Day and if there is a proper way to honor those who gave their lives for this country.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, and check out Greg’s piece on veteran suicides along with other great articles here.