With Independence Day on Thursday, Jack and Dennis felt there was no better episode than this one to show off some patriotism.  Jack gives a break down on his article about the battle of New York and how George Washington the General had to use his creativity to win the war despite losing many battles along the way.  The guys also discuss how the founding fathers were a cast of characters who were flawed men, why whitewashing American history is a terrible idea, how students were taught about Native Americans growing up, understanding the ugly underbelly of early America.  They also discuss the oldest bars in NYC and suggest that all fireworks be handled by professionals.

Two guests joined the podcast this episode, first up is Joe Lafave.  As a journalist for Newsrep , Joe has plenty of great articles, but he came on to discuss an article he wrote for The Journal in West Virginia.  The piece described how officials from the Angolan Ministry of Former Combatants and Veterans traveled to a town in West Virginia to learn about a statewide initiative called Veterans and Warriors to Agriculture.  The program looks to inform & teach veterans how to run & monetize successful small businesses, in this case raising bees and making honey.  Check out all of Joe’s writing for Newrep and follow him on Twitter @LafaveJoseph.

Josh Lees joined the show to let people know about the reopening of American Legion Post #107 in Hoboken, NJ.  After Hurricane Sandy destroyed the building, money was raised to erect a new 5 story building.  Floors three, four, and five in the new building will be dedicated to homeless veterans.  The second floor is a brand new bar equipped with a sequoia bartop made from veterans.  The second phase looking to be completed sometime next year will provide additional housing for more homeless veterans.  The ceremony for the reopening takes place Monday July 8th.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show and purchase Jack’s book “Murphy’s Law” where you can find wherever books are sold.