Matiyes Kinker was born in Cleveland and grew up in Akron. He joined the Marines at 18, spending 10 years in (2011-20), including a tour in Afghanistan in 2013. He recently stepped away as a non-commissioned officer, rank Sergeant E-5. His lives at Camp Pendleton where his wife is a Marine Sergeant. He comes from a big military family as his older brother (Air Force) and two younger brothers (Navy and Army) also served.

During his last Marine deployment to Japan in 2017, Matiyes decided that he wanted to get into film-making when he got out of the Marines. Around that same time, he’d learned about VET Tv . He’s now a full-time staff member of the SVOD channel that parodies and celebrates the military experience for those who served using dark and irreverent humor.

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You can check out VET Tv here.