This week on SOFREP Radio we welcome Jeff Nyce, an over 30-year veteran of SWAT — 1981 to 2014 — who held the roles of operator, team leader and commander. Nyce completed over 4500 raids barricades with Montgomery Country SWAT during his time in uniform.

Nyce participated in some of the most highly publicized events in law enforcement history, which generated national and even international attention, including the takedown of the DC snipers. He also involved in a hostage rescue incident by a lone-wolf domestic terrorist who the FBI determined was “the first suicide bomber with hostages in the United States” at the Discovery Headquarters Building in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the capture of a violent group of serial bank robbers featured on John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted.

At the height of his career as a SWAT commander, Nyce was struck down by two diseases that at the time were deemed terminal with no available cure: multiple myeloma cancer and cardiac amyloidosis. Doctors told him that he had less than two years to live—at best.

Nyce prepared for what would be the greatest fight of his life. He overcame many obstacles, including “coding” in 2013 during a stem- cell transplant that required chest compressions and saline to bring him back to life and then a stroke precipitated in 2015 by the chemotherapy he was undergoing to forestall the myeloma and amyloidosis.

To get through, Nyce applied lessons learned from his years in SWAT: “Never complain, never quit, and the mission comes first. Failure’s not an option as it relates to the mission.” Nyce’s mission was simple: survive.

Eight years have passed since his initial diagnosis, and Nyce is still alive and in remission. By all medical accounts, Nyce has defied the odds.

Nyce’s memoir, Failure is Not an Option consists of three elements: high-profile SWAT operations; his medical journey; and lessons on fitness, diet, and drug routines that have helped Nyce manage these medical obstacles and improve his quality of life.

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