It’s Christmas Day and we are honored and humbled to bring you an exclusive interview with veteran Joe Kent. Kent is a former Army Ranger who went on to join the Fifth Special Forces where he logged eleven combat tours in Iraq and elsewhere. Kent rose to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer before leaving the SOF community.

In addition to his decades of service in U.S. Army Special Operations, Kent is also a Gold Star husband. His wife, Shannon Kent, was a U.S. Navy intelligence operative who was killed while serving in Syria in 2019.

In this very special episode of SOFREP Radio, we talk with Kent about his service in Iraq and Yemen, hear his thoughts on the missteps the U.S. has taken in the wars in the Middle East, and share in remembering the heroic service of his wife.

Here is a recent video about Kent’s experience and his stance on the ‘Endless Wars.’

We’re honored to have Joe Kent on this special Christmas episode; his story and his service is emblematic of the kind of selfless service carried out by so many in our armed forces and Special Operations units.