On this week’s podcast SOFREP senior editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri talks with Dan Schilling Air Force Combat Controller (CCT) veteran, author, and holder of the Guinness World Record for the most base jumps in 24 hours with 201 jumps.

Dan talks about his unlikely path from an Infantry grunt to becoming an Air Force Combat Controller and about his unit’s unique characteristics. In his words, Combat Controllers don’t only kill bad guys but also save good ones. A prime example of this took place following the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010 when Air Force Combat Controllers increased the capacity of Haiti International Airport by 1,400 percent thus allowing for a tremendous increase in incoming aid. Dan highlights the traits of social adaptability and malleability that characterize the unit.

The two also talk about Steve’s work with CTT in Latin America and the famous jumping incident involving a pair of cowboy boots and a gold motorcycle helmet.

Dan also talks about his new book The Power of Awareness. The book aims at helping people with no military background avoid dangerous situations and protect themselves. It teaches what situational awareness is and how people can get back in touch with their intuition — which can save their life in a hairy situation. For the book, Dan interviewed CIA officers, police detectives, and operators and incorporated their knowledge.

Click here to learn more about The Power of Awareness and download Dan’s situational awareness exercises. You can purchase the book here or at your favorite bookstore.

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