On this week’s podcast episode SOFREP Managing Editor Sean Spoonts sits down and talks with best-selling writer and Steel Fear co-author John David Mann.

John Mann is a very prolific writer having penned 28 books on business and leadership. He is also a close collaborator of SOFREP founder Brandon Webb. Starting in 2012 with Red Circle, John and Brandon have worked together on six books.

John talks about their latest book, Steel Fear. The book was inspired by a series of molestation incidents, which took place on board the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, during the early days of female sailors being allowed to serve on board U.S. Navy ships. The serial molester was never caught. This gave the idea to Brandon of creating a book about a serial killer on board an aircraft carrier.

To accurately represent and convey the image and feel of a U.S. aircraft carrier to the average reader, John, with the help of Sean, had to extensively research aircraft carriers for a number of years. And thanks to Sean’s help he also got to visit the USS Lincoln where he received a great welcome.

Further, John talks about the creative challenge of giving enough information to the reader while not giving away too much. Fans of mysteries and thrillers will know that this is a difficult balance to strike.

Join us for another entertaining episode of SOFREP Radio as we delve into the backstage of a military thriller’s creation.

If you are interested you can purchase Steel Fear here.