On this week’s podcast SOFREP senior editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri speaks with Pete Blaber, Former Delta Force officer, author, and leadership expert.

During his career as an officer in special mission units, Pete Blaber would keep notes and write in order to learn and improve. Nevertheless, as he explains, during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. did not appear to be learning anything on a foundational level. So, after retiring from the Army in 2006, Pete decided to use his writing skills and accumulated experience to try and fill the gap.

The results were his two books: The Mission, The Men, and Me, and the latest, The Common Sense Way.

In The Common Sense Way, Pete talks about what common sense really is and how it is linked to good leadership. As Steve says, we all recognize what common sense is but each of us would give a different definition of it.

After all, good leadership transcends field and sector. From engaging our neo-cortex to the contagiousness of survival instincts and the benefits of speaking calmly, the lessons found in The Common Sense Way are not only applicable to leaders in both the military and corporate world but to everyone.

Finally, Pete underlines how former Delta Force member George Hand (better known to his fans as Geo) with whom Pete served, epitomizes common sense. And he also shares some valuable and entertaining stories to illustrate that.

If you are interested you can purchase Pete Blaber’s The Common Sense Way here and you can connect with Pete through his website.


Join us for another informative and thought-provoking SOFREP Radio episode.