On this week’s special podcast SOFREP Senior Editor and SOFREP Radio host Steve Balestrieri talks with George Hand IV, better known as “Geo” among his many readers and fans.

Geo was a member of 1st and 7th Special Forces Groups before joining the tip of the American military’s spear, the Delta Force. Geo stayed in the Unit until his retirement from the Army.

His civilian career has taken him to many places from working for the Department of Energy in the Nevada Desert to tracking down human traffickers to writing for such sites as SOFREP, WE ARE THE MIGHTY, Sandboxx, to contributing expert commentary to Business Insider.

From traversing Morocco on camelback to visiting Auschwitz to training SEALs on breaching techniques the interview is filled with exciting details of Geo’s military and civilian life.

Steve and Geo talk about Geo’s book Brothers of the Cloth. The book is a collection of short stories from Geo’s days in the Unit. The stories focus on and memorialize Geo’s brothers in Delta Force making Brothers of the Cloth perhaps the definitive account of life in Delta Force. The book is elevated by Geo’s inimitable writing style, which accentuates both the lighthearted and the more poignant moments of the stories.

You can find more about Brothers of the Cloth and Geo’s other work by visiting Geo’s website at https://georgehand.org/.

Join us for a very special episode with a dear friend. Thank you, Geo!


Editor’s Note: We would like to apologize to our listeners as, due to a production issue, small sections of the interview have an echo. But don’t worry! You’ll be able to hear Geo loud and clear throughout!