On this week’s podcast – sponsored by Fox Nation, Rad interviews Dr. Bob Adams who served fourteen years in the Navy and eighteen years in the Army. He is the author of 3 books, including Six Days of Impossible which details his experiences during SEAL training class and the 11 of 70 men who achieved the impossible.

After his time as a Commander in the Navy, he changed services to attend medical school where he applied his analytical skills to look back at the men that he shivered and struggled with through Hell Week together.

As a Colonel in the US Army Medical Corps, Bob managed 5 large full-service family practice clinics, was a command surgeon with the US Army Delta Force, was a department chief for the Department of Deployment Health, and was a recipient of the Lifetime Medical Achievement Award (Order of Military Medical Merit).

Today, Dr. Bob gives his very timely opinion on the recent deaths during Hell Week and how it is very unlikely that Hell Week itself is to blame for it. He zeroes in on one common denominator between the two deaths and that is the mandatory COVID shots that these men got.

He also shares some of the most memorable moments during his time with the Airborne, including the three occasions that his main chute failed and he had to pull his reserve parachute during freefall and a particularly heroic middle-of-the-night ambulance transfer in enemy territory.

Dr. Bob answers some viewer questions, including his tips on combat shooting, running more because endurance is everything on the field, improvising tools to save people’s lives, and flyfishing to keep his mental health on point.

You can get your copy of Six Days of Impossible: Navy SEAL Hell Week – A Doctor Looks Back on Amazon by clicking this link.