On this week’s podcast, Rad interviews Jason Van Camp, a West Point graduate who later on became a coveted Green Beret. He has earned Bronze Stars and, after his service, became the author of Deliberate Discomfort and founded Mission Six Zero and Warrior Rising.

Today he shares a crazy story during his time with the Airborne when his chute got tangled and he almost plunged to certain death. Jason also looks back during his time in West Point and gives aspiring seniors some tips on how to mentally prepare for the difficult road ahead.

Jason also tells the story of how he got into Ranger School, supposedly with his buddy, and how he made it in while his friend just slept in. He has a similar story of becoming a Green Beret where he ended up qualifying alone instead of with his classmate.

He shares how it felt to finally get his Green Beret and the overwhelming sense of purpose that came with it. Jason also talks about Mission Six Zero, his for-profit leadership development company for corporate clients, and Warrior Rising, a nonprofit veteran service organization.

Get a copy of Jason’s book, Deliberate Discomfort https://amzn.to/3whZ1St

Check out Mission Six Zero: https://missionsixzero.com/

Visit Warrior Rising: https://www.warriorrising.org/