On this week’s podcast, Rad interviews Dino Garner, Army Ranger, former biophysics scientist, and self-taught aviation photographer who learned how to shoot on film on the F-4, F-14, A-4, F-15, F-16, and FA-18. His coffee table bookTopgun: Military Aviation Photography is due to be published in May 2022.

He shares how he was invited to shoot while riding Air Force planes and how the Pentagon learned of it, leading to many many more opportunities to shoot in the air. He talks about one time when he almost ejected himself out of an F-16!

Dino also talks about his time in the African savannah protecting wildlife against poachers and then joining the Army Rangers afterward. He also discusses the process of creating his coffee table book, the out-of-this-world shots he took, and the many amazing contributors who helped put it all together.

Dino Garner’s Website: http://topgun.photography/