On this podcast, Rad welcomes Maj. Fred Galvin who served as commanding officer of the first unit that MARSOC deployed to combat in Afghanistan. He is the author of A Few Bad Men and he shares the chilling story of being ambushed by a car bomb and being framed for war crimes they did not commit.

He recounts how they were unwanted guests to their command and the underlying selfish philosophies of his commanders. The media storm that followed the attack got them booted out of Afghanistan and even back home, despite being exonerated by the court of inquiry, they were publicly shamed for supposedly getting away with murder. Fred is fighting back and letting the people know how the military is abusing its power and letting others take the fall for their mistakes.

Get a copy of A Few Bad Men: The True Story of U.S. Marines Ambushed in Afghanistan and Betrayed in America: https://amzn.to/3amnmOv

Connect with Fred via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fred-galvin-27270116/