Jeremy was a former USMC officer whose platoon served as the tip of the spear during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He recalls the intense training they had leading up to the invasion and the hurdles he had to get past like fighting at night instead of day. Jeremy also shares how his life after 10 years in the Marines was a total wreck.

He decided to dedicate his life to working in ministry full-time. A decade after leaving the Marines, he reconnected with some of the guys he served with. Jeremy saw how lost they were and realized that his time serving with them did not end when he hung up his uniform for the last time. He felt it his duty to equip his fellow soldiers with the tools to move forward. This became the catalyst for The Mighty Oaks Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit that works with veterans, active duty service members, and first responders to help them find their true north, deal with PTSD, and adjust to civilian life.
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