On this episode, Rad features JJ Wilson and James Boyd, both former Green Berets who have now transitioned to civilian life as entrepreneurs. After 911, both felt compelled to serve and decided to enlist. JJ Wilson joined the Army because everyone in his hometown ended up in jail or dead. 

He met James Boyd, who gave up his British citizenship to join the Special Forces, at basic training in 2005. Fast forward, they co-founded Adyton, a startup bringing mobile technology to the Department of Defense. Every branch in the military uses their product Mustr which allows service members to use their phones as we all do in our everyday lives. 

Mustr enables all service members or every rank to save countless hours of administrative work to identify service members in distress and make real-time, data-driven decisions to enhance operational readiness. Their app also helps thousands of trainees get coordinated during their Holiday Block Leave. 

Connect with JJ and James and find out how veterans can contribute to their amazing technology in the links below: