Tom Paquin served as a US Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot and attended the prestigious Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun). After 21 years of service, he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring from the reserves. Throughout his military career, Tom participated in several combat operations around the world and received numerous awards and honors, including the Air Medal and Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Justin Allen served for 10 years in the US Army and achieved the rank of Captain, serving both as an Infantry Officer and a Green Beret. He held various command positions, including serving as a Detachment Commander through two combat deployments to Afghanistan. He was a highly accomplished Green Beret, successfully graduating from Ranger School, Military Freefall School, and Combat Diver School.

Today, Tom and Justin work together at VictoryBase Corporation as CEO and Vice President of Development respectively. They share their business model of collective investing in a network of quality homes where investors live in high-quality new homes and gain equity each month without the hassle of traditional home ownership.

Tom also looks back on his close calls as a rookie pilot on a carrier and the good times he had with his backseater, while Justin shares the privilege he had in participating in the counter-ISIS operations in 2018.

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