Bob Taylor is a former US Air Force Major who flew 11 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm as a B-52 navigator. He developed PTSD and has since written From Service to Success, a book that encourages vets to seek community, forgive themselves, and ultimately achieve their greatest potential.

In this episode, Bob shares the stresses of combat, from hostile AAA to a close friendly fire incident to the sheer exhaustion of flying extended missions. Even away from the horrors on the ground, Bob endured hellish nightmares that affected all aspects of his life. Bob then turned to alcohol as self-help for 16 long years. When he finally went to the VA to get professional help, he was then prescribed SSRIs for 13 years. Recently, Bob discovered experimental treatments that utilize MDMA and psilocybin for the treatment of PTSD. Bob shares how the ritual cleansing washed away the anxiety that had gripped him on a spiritual, emotional, and psychological level for decades.

Of the 22 million veterans, approximately 11 million are struggling, and a great majority feel that their struggle is theirs and theirs alone. Bob’s message is that the tools of gratitude and compassion are what vets need to see the good in the world again and live fulfilled lives.

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