Dale Buckner is a 24-year Army yeteran who retired as a colonel, a former Green Beret and is now the CEO of international security firm Global Guardian. Recently, his team evacuated thousands of people during the COVID border crisis and the violent conflicts in Ukraine, Russia, and Afghanistan. 

In this episode, Dale talks about the highly specialized yet dysfunctional nature of special forces teams. However, the training always pays off as there is a high degree of success whenever these teams are deployed. Dale also talks about reinventing yourself after life in the military, and his route was to create and become an entrepreneur.

The skills taught in the military cannot be replicated by corporate America, so Dale finds that veterans are highly suited for a range of careers once they retire. Dale also talks about the inevitability of politics when you are a general officer and how heartening it is to see his cohort, who are warriors first before politicians, get promoted to these ranks.  

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