The annual SOFREP Team Room party, tales from the SOFREP rental house, Media Range Day and SHOT itself; this trip to Vegas was an absolute blast, and it’s all here.

We talk to some of our Team Room members at the Mandalay Bay Foundation Room event, including Laura K, Scott Kinney, Travis Arnold, Fiona Greenmayer, Scott Northup, Barry Grace, Mike (AKA Klaus), Jim Zourek, Chad Black, Matt Hunt, and Mike C. Military and civilians alike had a blast, and it was great to hear the different perspectives on what keeps people coming back to the site.

Jack Murphy, Peter Nealen, Eric Davis, and I also got to check out the Media Range Day event in the beautiful deserts of Nevada. You’ll hear Jack and Peter give their review on what they thought about it.  You can check out all the footage with Eric on The Loadout Room.

We spend time at the SHOT Show, see what the firearms and tactical gear industry has in store for 2014, and also get a quick interview for the show with Army Ranger Sniper Nicholas “The Reaper” Irving.

Drago also makes an unannounced stop at the SOFREP House and gives us the goods. Let’s just say it got very entertaining.