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This show we have several special guests and cover a lot of ground.  Joining us on Episode 77 we have Former USMC Force Recon Peter Nealen, Former Army Ranger Leo Jenkins, and Former SEAL Commander Ryan Zinke.

Lone Survivor has been a massive box office hit, and it’s a great thing to see a film portraying the heroism of our military heroes like Marcus Luttrell become a success however, the guys discuss the movies historical accuracy.

On to talk about this we have our friend, Army Ranger Medic Leo Jenkins whose platoon aided in the recovery of Matt Axelson during Operation Red Wings.  He recently penned a piece about the accuracy of the film that’s created some controversy.  Peter Nealen, SOFREP contributor and author of Operation Red Wings: The Untold Story Behind Lone Survivor, joins in the conversation as well.

Last time that Leo was on he talked about his book being released, and it’s now out, so make sure you check out Lest We Forget.  You can also check out Pete’s Author Page here, and you can follow Leo on Twitter @TFBlackTraining to see what he’s up to.

Our last guest of the hour is Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL Commander, and a friend of Brandon’s running for US Congress as a Republican in Montana, who was previously a member of the Montana Senate.  We talk about his experiences and what he hopes to accomplish through his platform in Congress.  Check out his website at www.ryanzinke.com

The Throat Punch of the Week goes to Charlene Lamb, who was just rewarded by Patrick Kennedy, Undersecretary of Management for the State Dept., to Regional Security Officer (RSO) despite her denying of extra security personnel to Libya during Benghazi, and State’s own report citing her for leadership failures.  You can be sure Brandon has been all over this and has been covering the story, as recently seen on Megyn Kelly’s show on FOX News.

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