In one of our biggest interviews yet, we’re joined by Erik Prince, former SEAL and founder of Blackwater USA.

Erik talks about the transition he made from Navy SEAL Officer to founding Blackwater USA. the massively influential and controversial contracting company. He takes on his critics, talks about current foreign policy in the Obama administration, gives us his take on Benghazi, and of course, gets into some of your questions.

Erik’s book is out now, and it’s called Civilian Warriors. Read Brandon’s review of Erik’s book after you hear the interview.

It was an honor to have Erik on, and thanks to all you listeners and readers of SOFREP for getting the word out. Your passion for the show is why people like Erik are eager to talk with us.

We also get into your e-mails, so keep ‘em coming to [email protected]. Keep a look out for some more high-profile guests of this caliber in the near future!