We want to thank you for helping us pay tribute this Memorial Day to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Mike Ritland, Navy SEAL, K9 trainer and a favorite of the show is live from the tattoo chair. Mike is getting a large piece done that pays tribute to the SEALs, and we look forward to seeing what the finished product looks like. We talk about the VA, what Memorial Day means, and we discuss what Mike’s been up to. Make sure to check out The Warrior Dog Foundation, as Mike says, that’s what’s most important to him and it’s a great cause.

SOFREP writer and Canadian Light Infantry vet Jonathan Wade comes on with us, as well. Jonathan, who just retired from the military after fourteen and a half years of service to his country, will be writing for The Loadout Room in addition to SOFREP. We talk about marijuana use for PTSD, and also get into some Stanley Cup playoffs talk.

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