This week we are joined by Kristin Beck, former US Navy SEAL who served honorably as Christopher Beck. Kristin came out as transgender, and changed her identity after 20 years of military service.

Some people have criticized Kristin with harsh treatment, including an  encounter at this year’s SHOT Show, which she  discusses on the show. Many have also stood by the decision.

We get Kristin Beck’s take on life as a SEAL and life after the Teams. We also get the scoop on the documentary put out by CNN Films, which features an appearance by Brandon who asks some difficult questions about the decision to come out openly in the media.

We also get into the exposure and backlash SOFREP has seen from Jack Murphy’s piece on Usama bin Laden, and where this story and similar stories of misconduct will go from here.  We talk Malaysia Flight 370, recap my stint on Sirius XM Patriot for The Wilkow Majority with SOFREP contributor Kerry Patton, and respond to your e-mails.

Last, we are asking all of our listeners to download Mark Slaughter’s newest track, Never Givin’ Up.  Not only did he do a kick ass job on it, but a portion of the proceeds go to benefit The Red Circle Foundation.  Give Mark a review on Amazon and iTunes so we can give him a boost on the music charts, and let him know that you heard about the track from us.

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