To all who have served, we at hope you that are enjoying your Veteran’s Day with friends and loved ones.

Joining us this episode is former Marine Scout Sniper, Jason Delgado, one of the subjects of the book Shock Factor: American Snipers in the War on Terror. It’s been a while since we’ve heard some exciting war stories on the show, and Jason has plenty of great ones to share! He gets into the background of MARSOC, and tells us about his tattoo shop Gunmetal Ink out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Brandon also throws out an awesome giveaway for the first listener to get a SOFREP tattoo done at the shop. You don’t want to miss it!

Randy Hetrick, former Navy SEAL and founder of TRX Suspension Training, also joins us. We talk about fitness, entrepreneurship, and the story behind TRX.

We give out a Throat Punch of the Week, and also get into the ongoing SEAL drama between Matt Bissonnette (AKA Mark Owen) andRob O’Neill. Lastly, do not forget that SOFREP’s e-book, The ISIS Solution, comes out next week, so pre-order it now on

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