Happy Sunday, FighterSweep Fans! Today we are very fortunate to bring you a very special presentation, one that has been in the works for some time and we feel is finally ready to share with all of you!
We have talked a lot about deployments, TSPs, and the various challenges of getting warfighters both downrange and back home. We have also touched on the realities of modern air combat, thanks to some fine work done by Combat Camera professionals who’ve deployed and embedded themselves with various flying units conducting combat operations.
We’d like to present to you another home-grown FighterSweep video. This one depicts deployed real-world missions as seen through the eyes of pilots in the 20th Fighter Wing, a unit we’ve worked with extensively over the past four years as they’ve been at home station at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and deployed for the real thing.

"Slapshot" the Wild Weasel 50th anniversary tail flash was revealed at Shaw AFB
“Slapshot,” the Wild Weasel 50th anniversary tail flash was revealed at Shaw AFB, Souther Carolina earlier this summer.

While the bread-and-butter skill of the Block 50 F-16CJ is SEAD, the jet and the professional men and women who fly it are also very adept at conducting other mission sets: Dynamic Targeting, Air Interdiction, Escort, Close Air Support, and others. While there is no threat requiring Wild Weasel missions in Afghanistan, there continues to be a need for combat airpower of those other flavors. The 20th Fighter Wing is ready and will answer the call when it rings through!