There must be a good story about these abandoned aircraft. Who out there in Fighter Sweep land knows?

The men in the video don’t say where the planes are, but the accents imply the location is somewhere in the South. The planes have apparently been there for years—some have trees growing out of them.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that the Navy F-14s shouldn’t be there. F-14s were retired from Navy service in 2006, and rather than give them away to foreign countries as excess defense articles or put them into storage, the Department of Defense simply cut them up and disposed of them.

The F-4 is an old U.S. Marine Corps F-4N Phantom II. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft are assigned Navy Bureau Numbers when they enter service, and according to one YouTube commenter, the F-4 is BuNo 152267. If true that makes it this plane, which served as a “gate guardian” at Dallas Naval Air Station, Texas. – Popular Mechanics

United States Marine Corps with BuNo 152267 F-4

According to the Popular Mechanics article the F-4 in the video above is in fact USN BuNo 152267. Photo by Tom Tessier. F-4 was on display at Dallas Naval Air Station, TX

Featured image by YouTube Video Screen Capture