An amazing aviation story you probably never heard about! Back in 2012 a Polish oil exploration team found the wreckage of a British P40 Kittyhawk war plane. The plane went missing in 1942 and the pilot, Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping was never seen again.

Ft Sgt Copping, 24, was from Southend, Essex, and flew with the 260 Squadron. He had been flying between two British bases in Egypt during the north Africa campaign in World War Two when he disappeared.

Nothing was ever seen of him or his plane again until earlier this year when a team of Polish oil exploration workers stumbled upon the perfectly preserved aircraft.

There is evidence to suggest Ft Sgt Copping survived the crash and made a makeshift shelter outside the plane using his parachute. It is thought he died while making a futile attempt to walk out of the desert. – Daily Mail

RAF Pilot Dennis Copping, 24 years old

Live ammunition was found still in the aircraft’s guns and the P40 was in remarkably good condition.


The airplane has been recovered from the desert. Reportedly an arrangement was made with the Egyptian government to return it to Britain but apparently the aircraft is still in Egypt.

Featured images by Jakub Perka/BNPS.CO.UK