The latest version of Boeing’s 737 platform, the 737 Max 9, just complete its first successful flight. Over the course of a two hour and 42 minute test flight the Max 9 went through a series of procedures which included shutting down and restarting the engines and fully testing the landing configuration of the aircraft.

Watch the Boeing 737 Max 9 First Flight

The plane took off from the Renton Airport adjacent to Boeing’s 737 factory at 10:52 a.m., landing at Boeing Field in Seattle at 1:34 p.m.

Tests over the course of the year will become more and more involved and push the airplane further, to prove to the FAA that the longest 737 MAX so far is safe and ready to fly passengers.

The MAX can carry up to 220 passengers in a single-cabin layout, but more typical first class and coach configurations will carry 178 passengers. It’s capable of flying up to 3,515 miles non-stop, enabling it to fly routes such as New York to London, the company says. – 5 On Your Side KSDK

Boeing expects to compete flight testing of the Max 9 by the end of 2017 with the first customer being the Indonesian airline LionAir. The 737 Max 9 has three more seat rows than the 737 MAX 8 which was certified for delivery to customers last month.

Featured image of the 737 Max 9 by Boeing