What would Friday be without another foray into the land of Mach diamonds and burning dinosaurs?! That’s right, FighterSweep Fans, it’s time for another installment of Burner Friday!

This week’s edition features a Lockheed-Martin Block 30 F-16C+ from the 12oth Fighter Squadron, Colorado Air National Guard. The Mile High Militia has recently returned from a Theater Support Package to Korea, where they had the opportunity to train with some of our allies in the Pacific Rim.

In this photo, “Ratt” Burger departs Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC) following an airshow. Late day departures with your home station so close usually means extra gas to crush the pattern for a few passes, giving the departing spectators a thrill as they make their way to the parking lot.

Colonel Mike "Fer" Loh conducts a "Sandbox Departure" from Buckley AFB, Colorado, the home of the 140th WG.
Colonel Mike “Fer” Loh conducts a “Sandbox Departure” from Buckley AFB, Colorado, the home of the 140th WG.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and are able to get airborne. Stay tuned to FighterSweep this weekend and next week, as we have more exciting things (to include more homegrown video!!) moving your way!